A modern, chic and very complex field of law that represents a synthesis of various fields of law is mostly presented in Western countries, but the need for it also arises in our country. The real question is what Fashion Law lawyers do?

Fashion Law lawyers advise clients on legal issues facing the fashion, textile, footwear, jewelry and cosmetics industries. These range from licensing, merchandising, distribution and franchising agreements to intellectual property, employment and labor relations issues.

The approach of a lawyer in this area must be very broad, i.e. it covers important fields of law in this area such as intellectual property, company law, consumer law with advertising rights, e-commerce, labor law as well as special areas in terms of international trade, imports and product exports. There are also issues of product safety, as well as various aspects of corporate, real estate law and tax law. This is only a part that can fit into a brief explanation about hiring lawyers in this area and what is meant by Fashion Law.

Fashion lawyers perform a wide range of duties, from drafting pre-contracts and contracts in intellectual property law, trademark registration and protection, various types of business negotiations, forming a company structure and creating business documents, advising on brand development and protection to leading litigation, arbitration and administrative case procedures in the field of intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks and other segments), company law, consumer, tax and labor law.

Our law office is among the first to have just formed this legal area in its practice and continuously works with renowned clients on its development in daily business.