Non-profit sector
sports law, education

Services - Non-profit sector, sports law, education

We represent citizens' associations, apartment buildings, private schools and pre-schools, sports clubs and sportsmen:

  • Akt | Todorović & Partneri Status documentation
  • Akt | Todorović & Partneri Advising
  • Akt | Todorović & Partneri Prevention of disputes
  • Akt | Todorović & Partneri Resolving conflicts

Endowments, legacies, foundations.

We assist top sportsmen, coaches, sports clubs and sports associations, sponsors. Sports arbitrage.

AKT | Todorović i Partneri


AKT Advokati | Todorović & Partneri

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The legal team that will kindly welcome, will listen and they will understand all your requirements.We believe that the responsibility for achieving quality lying on each employee and is reflected in the conduct of regular business obligations and building relationships with stakeholders.Creating and implementing our ideas for solving cases achieve for you positive outcomes.Dedicated work of a team of lawyers and constant improvements we provide the quality of service that our clients creates trust and make them legally secure.


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